GVIDO is evolving. Now even easier to use.

More Control to You

Version 2.0 is designed to make your GVIDO experience more responsive, and more intuitive. Here are the latest features and improvements.

Navigate With Air Touch Switch

Navigate through Home couldn’t be easier! Utilize the sensors on each side of the GVIDO to display setlist, navigate and select scores.

Bookmark and Change Pen Setting With Ease

Place your stylus pen close to the screen, the toolbar appears upon summoning. It provides quick access to bookmarking, pen settings, or undo writing in an instant.

Slide View Page Turn

Choose the newest option to slide after you finish each score page. You can also go classic with the Standard or Score View Ahead to display scores to your likes!

Better Organization

Score Organization has improved significantly with GVIDO 2.0. You can now scroll through score list, quickly jump between scores base on your index setting,

Setlist Note Setting

Select note group and assign it to be displayed with a specific setlist or make it default for standard viewing. You can now make direct changes to the setting from the home/ setlist screen.